Merchandise Pics

This is Jasper's, Edward's, and Emmett's wrist cuff with the Cullen family crest!

 1 Disc

2 Disc

3 Disc


DVD's !!!

Catherine Hardwick's

Twilight Director's


This is Alice's choker with the Cullen  family crest! 

This is Rosalie's necklace with the Cullen family crest on the pendant!

This is Esme's and Carsile's ring with the family crest engraved in it!

-A poster of Edward Cullen from Hot Topic!!!

-A poster of Bella Swan from Hot Topic!!!

- A poster of James from Hot Topic!!!

 - A Poster of Jacob from Hot Topic!!!

- A Poster of Emmett from Hot Topic!!!

- A Poster of Alice from Hot Topic!!

Dr. Cullen Poster from Hot Topic

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