Twilight Fans Only!!!

This website is for us "Twerds" (Twilight Nerds).

This site was made for and by Mercedes Smith, Amanda Jabori, Maria Hdz., Emily Kerley, and me David Jones!!! Don't think that I am the only one who is putting info into this site, they have been alot of help. They have contributed information, pictures, videos, and even helped me with organization. They have also helped to get the word out to people. They even posted the link on their websites, Thanks Guys...

This Site has everything from pictures, to behind the scenes videos, from news stories, and even to "soon to be added" audio books.

Most people say that this series is for girls only! They are wrong. It doesn't only have romance, it has plenty of action, killing, and adventure. So, whether you are a guy or a girl, you will enjoy this site...

If anybody wants to contribute anything to this ever growing website, email me at
and my myspace is myspace/number8dave.

My Website Updates:

I have 3 new pages: They are ___________________________

Stephenie Meyer's Official Website is :

Some of the information on this website has also came from Stephenie Meyer herself.


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